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The Ridge Runner and R.H. welcome you to Pine Home.
Here you will find loads of information for those who take to the woods and fields for work or play. This site is here to help you gain the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary for successful and safe wilderness travel and living.
If you live or work in the back of beyond, or are one of the millions of outdoor enthusiasts who yearly take to the woods and fields, you will find this information extremely valuable during a survival situation.
Now you might have noticed the "Traditional Camping" listed above.
What we mean by "traditional"  is that we are using old time skills, techniques  and equipment made from canvas, leather and high carbon steel.  The gear we use is the same as our grandfathers and those that came before would have taken unto the field. We find this form of camping very enjoyable as it gets us back to our roots! You can expect to find more and more information on low tech, low cost and old time camping gear and skills on this site as time goes on.
We hope this page adds to your enjoyment of the outdoors and thanks for stopping in!
Pine Home

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