** Gear Pics and Check List **
Over the course of my travels through the wilderness I have been known to carry many different types of gear
The  kits listed below are inteded as an aid in your planning of primitive wilderness trips and lightweight backpacking trips. Please feel free to print these out and by all means change them to suit your specific purposes. It might be that something I chose is not something you would choose. Make your own choices based on your own capabilities and needs.
My Basic Wilderness Kit List 
Below are listed those things I carry or recommend, 
or have been recommended to me by others. 
Add or remove as you see fit, Use at your own risk 
* what I am presently carrying
U.S. Mil Spec Web Gear with converted Ammo Pouches, shoulder bag or  Multi function Hunting Belt bag from Blackhawk gear *
Mil Spec 1 qt Canteen with holder, Canteen cup and Trioxane stove (Stove works Well with with small twigs, Pine cones and knots as well as Trioxane tabs
Sheath Knife: Cold Steel SRK® ,TOPS  Anaconda 9.5 *, Schrade Golden Spike, USMC K-BAR, Benchmade Nimravus Cub
Swiss Army Knife (Rucksack*, Pioneer or Ranger )
Gerber Pocket Saw (Very cool tool!)
Spark based Fire starter: Gerber Strike Force *, Mil Spec Magnesium Fire starter etc.
Bic lighters*
Match safe with strike anywhere matches*
Uke Lite * (Mini Flashlight, Very Bright, works on AAA Batteries, Navigated a Dark trail at night with one, worked as good as my 4 cell Mag light and fits in a shirt pocket!
Trioxane Fuel Tabs * (make Great Fire starters and work with the stove above
35 mm film canister stuffed with cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly (Vaseline: makes great tinder, lights quickly*( Thanks OLGriz)
emergency poncho *
emergency "space" blanket *
Heavy duty "Space" Blanket *
Water Purification Tablets *
Solar Still Kit: 3ftX3ft clear plastic sheet, Boy scout type folding cup, 4 ft of rubber tube for drinking and other tasks
Compass (Silva Style or Lensatic *)
50 ft of 550 Parachute cord *
1- ICBM Missile Launcher with extra missiles and warheads (just kidding)
100 ft high test fishing line, hooks and sinkers *
tablespoon (multiple uses) *
$50 Cash
ID (Extra Drivers License works well) *

1-Heavy Duty tube Tent
2-Heavy Duty Contractor grade Garbage Bags *
1- M6 Scout Survival Gun with 100 rnds of 22 ammo and 20 rnds of 410 gauge #6 shot , 20 rnds slugs *

Click on the Images below to view them at full size.

This kit includes the following items:
List of gear shown above
This kit is one of many I have been known to take into the woods. 
I took these pictures just prior to a short trip into some local woodlands,
I also carried a friends Cell phone in case of Emergencies

Shown in picture:
US military ALICE pack (No frame)
TOPS anaconda 9.5
Cold Steel SRK (Survival Rescue Knife
cheapy bolo Machete (good though!)
Victorinox Rucksack
Home Made Polar Fleece sleeping bag
G.I. Canteen cup
Survival Belt (Blackhawk gear)
Trowel (Sears)
Springfield M6 Scout .22LRcal/410ga
Space Blanket (The green thing everything's on)
emergency space blanket
Water purification tablets
2 heavy duty contractor grade trash bags
Magnesium Fire starter
Matches in waterproof case (Striker inside)
Gerber Strike Force Fire starter
Knife sharpener
Uke Lite
Note pad and pen
$5 in quarters

Inside the pack, not shown:
12 power Bars
5 packs Carnation Instant breakfast
6 lifeboat rations
TANG small box of individually wrapped servings
sharpening stone
100 rnds .22 lr, 20 rnds 410 ga #4 shot
3 pair wool Sox
1 Fleece shirt
3 pair underwear
first aid kit
Tobasco sauce(Gotta have that!!)