The Coffee Can Cooking Pot!
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Having a decent pot while camping is very important, it provides youwith the ability to cook food, boil water for purification and to carry water.
In many outdoor forums, books, videos and sites, people recommend a cooking pot made from a coffee can, and for good reason! The coffee can is lightweight, easy to pack, has measurements that are quantifiable and last but not least, its FREE. You can find these things anywhere and with a little preparation, they can be made into a very fine wilderness cooking pot.
here are some tools that will help you

Here are the tools laid out. I again tried to keep things as simple as possible. Mr Nail was the tool most used here I thought I would need a hammer (I always used one before) but found I had no trouble working it through the can with nothing but hand pressure.

This can be seen here

I finished it off with a coat hanger. I
generally dont like using coat hangers as they are somewhat weak, I prefer the bail from a 5 gallon bucket cut down, as Eric S. suggests..
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The finished product at work with the hobo stove made the same day!

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