Making a Basic Camp Knife
(from junk!)

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Here I make a knife out of an old industrial band saw blade. These are particularly good because their prior use the high temperatures brought on by friction during cutting  have done the tempering for you.
Bare in mind there are other ways to get a knife, but I wanted to show you how you can make your own.
Feel free to modify this process as you see fit!
Tools and Supply's:
Old Industrial Band Saw Blade (can be found at just about any scrap yard, alternately, a blade can be chizzled out of an old hand saw.
chizzle or sharpened railroad spike
duck tape
hockey tape
Cardboard (for sheath)

Raw Band Saw Blade

Chizzling out the blank

finished blank

grinding out the teeth (if you want a saw back, leave some teeth on!)

profiling the blade and handle

Profiling the Handle and Blade: I decided on this blade shape as it was simple to do easy to sharpen in the field

finished blade with no handle

building up the hande with duck tape

Duck taped handle

Duck Taped Handle

covering duck tape with hockey tape for a sure grip.

adding twine to the grip

Finished knife (ignore the loose twine going across the screen)

Knife with cardboard and Duck Tape sheath: you can make better ones using old leather items, plastic etc...this is the down and dirty basic sheath..

Putting a final edge on. Actually used two stones, corse and fine but the fine stage didnt get photographed:
I put a plastic tray in the sink to catch the filings...they dont taste good in pasta...

The finished knife actually works quite well. it has a strange, post modern, scandanavian feel to it...but it cuts beautifully. This knife is not meant to be a work of art however, it is intended to show someone how they can make something to "get by" with.
FYI the handle is actually quite comfortable. I may put a coat of clear coat polyurathane to it to stablize the tape and twine..
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